Workshop on learning by seeing and listening


This week we had ​yet ​another workshop with children ​in the slums of Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. The workshop started ​with ​an activity where children ​observed colors and ran fast to ​touch ​​the called ​colors in the environment around them​. ​This was followed by an activity where children were blindfolded and followed instructions of their team members to cross a path while avoiding stepping on mines​. The workshop concluded with ​a ​coloring activity where ​we asked the ​children​ to re-imagine animals in colors that they wanted ​to. ​The children were excited to experience the activities and challenge themselves to perform better in teams.

We thank volunteers from TCS​​ (Pallav, Apoorva, Sukriti​) who actively contribut​ed​ in making the workshop a success.






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