Map making workshop with Class VI

This post has been written by Radha Vasudevan (Correspondent, Vidyaniketan Matriculation Higher Secondary School)


“A most enjoyable Saturday morning.  Sreepriya and Santhosh will agree definitely that this was a morning well spent if even half the kids have understood the concept of maps and what they need to look for when making one.

Santhosh from Khel Planet began with a half hour presentation on what are maps and on the different kind of maps and the art of map making. We followed this with a walk around the four roads in the vicinity and came back to draw large maps. Kids were divided into five teams and each team had to draw a map. Marks would be given for the title of the map, the author (1 mark), the legend (5marks) and the actual map with important features marked on it for each of which they would get one mark. There was negative marking if a landmark was in the wrong place.

And amazingly one team topped with 37 marks. They managed to get so many places right, had a good legend and did a great job. Lavanya’s team had a great legend but got bogged down with that and did not have time to complete the map. One team left out the legend altogether. And Lavakumar’s team had a beautifully drawn map but had not marked enough places on it to get the points.

This exercise will be repeated for sure so they get the basics of map drawing right.”

Update after 5 days: One of the student from winning team already made the map of his neighbourhood (home) after going home inspired by the workshop.

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