Who are we?

Khel Planet Foundation is an education non-profit organization that nurtures life skills in children through play (games and activities) so that these children are prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

Why Khel Planet?

How will we do it?

Game Design

Products set in local context. Watch out for our games ‘Sarkaar’, ‘Kalakaar’ and ‘King’s Kin’ that are in prototype stage now and will be launched soon. These games are fun, engaging, contextualized and in regional languages.

Khel-shaala (Play Workshops)

Workshops designed to provide experiential learning. We have carried out several play workshops across 7 low-cost schools in Chennai, Lucknow, Auroville and Gurgaon. We are soon starting our workshops in Mumbai. These workshops focus on using play, games and activities as a medium of learning life skills. 

Khel-time (Game Libraries)

Toy libraries setup to provide an immersive experience. We have facilitated setting up of one toy library in a school in Chennai. Different individuals have contributed games in this library. We are in the process of setting up more such libraries.

Project Khel India

Movement to promote Right to Play in India.  There is overwhelming evidence that play has significant positive impact on the self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence of children.

Where do we stand?

engaged children


Incubation at Harvard innovation Lab (at Harvard University)
Incubation at Harvard innovation Lab (at Harvard University)
Khel Planet was incubated at Harvard innovation Lab in 2014 as part of Venture Initiation Program (VIP).
Social Enterprise Accelerator at SE Forum (Sweden)
Social Enterprise Accelerator at SE Forum (Sweden)
Khel Planet was one of the eight social entreprises selected from across the world for SE Outreach Accelerator Program in Sweden by SE Forum
Investee of UnLtd. Tamil Nadu
Investee of UnLtd. Tamil Nadu
UnLtd Tamil Nadu (part of UnLtd. network) has provided seed grant to Khel Planet as part of incubation of Social Enterprises.
Maharashtra Foundation
Maharashtra Foundation
Maharashtra Foundation supported expansion of our activities in Mumbai.
Kruti Dhata
Kruti Dhata
Kruti-Dhata supported Life Skills experiential learning content development for Khel Planet
Arjun Gupta Family Foundation
Arjun Gupta Family Foundation
Arjun Gupta Family Foundation provided seed grant to Khel Planet to support the activities

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning things” – Diane Ackerman

In the new age of uncertainty, the 21st century life skills are more important than ever and can be delivered best through experiential learning.


Emotional skills – These skills will help build a child’s understanding of self in relation to others and the surroundings; and respond to changes more purposefully rather than reactively. This leads to emotional well-being since an individual is able to own and take responsibility for important life-choices. The constituent skills are Self-awareness, Resilience, Empathy and Adaptability skills.


Cognitive skills – These skills enable a child to assimilate information from routine observations, readings, class lessons or interactions; process this information and apply it to other situations. With cognitive abilities, as children mature they are able to process more complex information, deal with abstract concepts and think holistic more easily. The constituent skills are Problem solving, Critical thinking, Lateral thinking and Systems thinking skills.


Creativity – These skills enhance children’s natural curiosity and encourage them to explore many possible answers and methods rather than accept what is being handed down without questioning. Creativity promotes ‘thinking out of the box’ and coming up with innovative solutions to impasse problems.  The constituent skills are Curiosity, Innovation, Ideation and Visualization skills.


Collaboration skills – These skills help children to develop easy working relationships with classmates, playmates and adults. While working in teams, children learn early on to express themselves assertively, resolve differences, build consensus and appreciate each other’s cultural backgrounds without being resentful. The constituent skills are Communication, Conflict management, Negotiation and Cross-cultural sensitivity.

Social & Civic

Social and Civic Engagement skills – A child’s ecosystem comprises of school, family, friends and neighbourhoods. And as such children hold considerable potential to influence and shape civic life in this ecosystem rather than function as passive recipients. These social and civic engagement skills make children aware of their role, responsibilities and consequences and encourage them to participate actively in decisions regarding their own education, health, family life, environment or human rights – both in local and global contexts.  The constituent skills are Citizenship, Gender equity and harmony, Health & wellness and Environment & sustainability.


Leadership skills – These skills prepare children to take on leadership roles in life. As they mature, children become better at strategizing, taking initiatives, goal setting & planning, engaging with others and getting them to act towards common goals. The constituent skills are Organizing, Excellence, Influence without authority and Entrepreneurship. These skills when coupled with all other skills mentioned above help a child become an effective change agent in society.



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