Triggering Creativity through ‘Build-a-Scene’ activity

Last week, we conducted our first Khelshaala at Diksha School, Gurgaon; a progressive school for marginalized children from the vicinity. At Diksha, the focus is not only to impart education, but to work on nurturing the holistic individual, to help develop socially responsible and contributing young adults. The first activity, “Quick-gun-Murugan” was more of an ice breaker, with children warming up and getting actively involved. “Build-a-Scene” tapped into their creative expression, and while all of them were eager to participate, they were still a little hesitant when it came to openly performing/ acting out their designated scene. Boys and girls seem to interact freely with each other but there is a sense of ‘group-ism’ amongst them.


We look forward to working with them and hope that the deep seeded sense of competition will eventually give space to a greater sense of collaboration and openness of accepting each other as we move along. We are grateful to Ms. Shanta Sharan and the school faculty who share our vision of imparting “life skills” as a key component of holistic development and have been so open in letting us conduct our “play” based workshops at their school.

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