Children learn how health is wealth through activities!

On the​ ‘World No Tobacco Day​’​, we conducted a health ​& wellness​ workshop and a health camp ​with children in Lucknow. It involved ​learning through ​ fun-filled games and drawing​,​ a health checkup by doctor,​ and distribution of first aid ​& sanitation kits ​to​ children. This workshop made us aware of the lack of awareness among children and their parents ​related to ​basic health issues. The workshop started with an ​energizer followed by a quiz on health and sanitation. During the quiz, we introduced them to the ​contents of the first aid and sanitation kits that they were about to get. Children engaged in some collaborative games with balloons and then solved​ coloring puzzles ​based ​ on healthy habits. In ​the health camp, Dr. Amit Kumar, ​a ​ Pediatrician,​ conducted a health check​-up​ of all children and distributed the kits. The kits included a range of products from antiseptic cream, cotton balls, to tooth paste and soap. This was the​ first ever​ time the children were learning basics of first aid.

It was a ​great group ​effort ​at​ our end with everyone coming together on a hot S​unday morning. We are thankful to Dr. Amit Kumar for volunteering his time and Dr. Akash Agarwal for helping facilitate the whole health camp. This wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of Karunesh Mohan who sponsored the first aid and sanitation kits for children. As​ always the volunteers from TCS and Khel Planet played an integral role in engaging child​en​ and executing the event. Thank you so much Sukriti, Brijesh, Lokesh, Santosh,Brijesh (2), Abha and Komal for your continuous support and true spirit towards child development​.
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