Creativity through story building

While India was batting it’s way to a win during Sunday’s India vs. Pakistan cricket match, children in the slum near Hahnemann Chowk, Lucknow were busy exercising their creativity through story telling and story building activities. It was a new experience for the children to speak out their imaginative minds and they struggled with this creative space given to them. They quickly understood that there was no right or wrong and that every attempt at story building was acceptable. In a following physical activity of ‘Limbo’, children observed and learnt from each other and also offered encouragement to others to complete the task. We wrapped up with an appreciation activity where children were forthcoming in thanking one another and the facilitators for making their play more meaningful. From the first workshop to this one, we can see a growing sense of community & responsibility towards each other amongst the children.
We thank Brijesh, Sukriti and Pallav from TCS and Mudit from Asha for Education for being such intuitive facilitators in this workshop.
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